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DANCE ACADEMY in Sunny Isles
Boosting Up Your Confidence
Enhancing Your Grace
Keeping Healthy on a Brand New Level
First lesson just for $20
With over 20 years of experience, Miami Dance Academy instructors have been introducing people to the world of ballroom dancing. Since its inception, the team has been working on the development of a unique teaching curriculum. This approach has helped students master dancing skills in an amiable yet professional atmosphere.We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?

Our Mission

We sincerely and honestly respect our customers, company and each other, staying committed to dancing and fulfilling our obligations maintaining curiosity!
At Miami Dance Academy, we offer dance lessons for anybody wishing to learn, regardless of age or skill level.
Whether it is beginner classes for children, classes for couples, or even special events like weddings, we cater to the needs of anyone passionate about dancing.

Ballroom dancing is becoming more and more popular. With its rich history and charm so evident in the delicate movements, it is easy to see why. So come on over to Miami Dance Academy and we will help you take that first step into the world of ballroom dancing.

Why Choose
Miami Dance Academy?

The primary goal of any teacher is to provide the student with knowledge, experience, and skills, dancing is no exception.

Here at Miami Dance Academy we have:
  • Qualified teachers

    Miami Dance Academy was established by award winning dancers. Striving to popularize ballroom dance and emphasize its elegance, we have trained world-class dancers and winners of international contests like the German Open, Austrian Open, Italian Open, Holland Masters, and Blackpool Dance Festival to name a few.
  • Custom tailored approach to every dancer
    Patience, friendliness and support are the primary values of our academy. Miami Dance Academy is more than a dance school, it's a family of talented individuals with the same passion. Our unique training methods, modern equipment, and commitment are adjusted to the needs of every dancer, ensuring successful results.
  • Up-to-date, convenient studio
    Regardless of age or skill, we strive to ensure that every single client feels comfortable at Miami Dance Academy. Our pleasant atmosphere, comfortable studio, and hospitable staff are just some of the things you will appreciate.